Normal blues still can’t cut through the wire, but they can open up the strands so use this as a last resort to get a bite. Even rougher seas can fish well and this can be for several reasons. While fly and spinning tackle are more sporting methods of approach, consider that both will be more strenuous than standard gear that could be used with a harness. If a shark can be seen a little way from the boat that refuses to come nearer whatever you do, try cutting up small bits of a fresh mackerel fillet and drop these into the water. They are found all around Ireland too but are commonest off the southern and western coasts as high as Donegal. If you are going to be helping prepare chum and bait then waterproof over trousers are a good idea. I’ve fished for over 40 years, concentrating particularly on saltwater or game species on fly and lure tackle. Sharks have a resilient nature but should not be kept out of the water for longer than is necessary, then released by sliding them gently into the water. Remember that the size of a circle hook is much smaller than the same sized J hook – so we would normally use 14/0 to 16/0 circles for most shark fishing. They are true ocean wanderers! John Nappo of Trophy Tackle talks about the New York State law that requires circle hooks when fishing for sharks. If the boat hasn’t got any bookings is there a reason? There are many secret ingredients and “family” recipes associated with rubby dubby, so firstly we need to dispel some untruths. Slide the swivel on to the mainline before you tie on the wire trace. When fishing from smaller private boats you need to avoid the mess of the onion bags, equally big buckets can be too cumbersome and space taking on smaller decks. 4.4 out of 5 stars 174. It takes timing and practice, but let the shark run 10 to 15-yards, then gently ease the drag forward on a lever drag reel, or reengage it on a star drag reel, and click the line ratchet off. This will attract sharks that are used to approaching working trawlers as they have learnt that it's easy feeding as fish fall from a hoisted net, or are thrown overboard. This is a high stimulus to them and will make them more eager to feed. We use and recommend either 275lbs or 400lbs AFW 49 Strand Wire. This tends to occur from late August and throughout September. Don’t skimp on quality here. If you prefer, there are electrically powered mincers that will cost more but are twice as quick to use. In a fast tide, even with the weight of the wire trace, the bait will lift up and not present right without additional weight. Just be mindful of previous comments about using braid. Although the effects of commercial long-lining and general over-fishing had a major effect on blue shark numbers through the 1990s and 2000’s inducing an inevitable serious overall decline, although not eradicated, the pressure of commercial fishing has eased somewhat of late and their numbers are now bouncing back. One last thing to be aware of is that when the shark sees the real daylight they will usually make one last fast crash dive. You can mostly feel this happening through the rod, and more so when the shark spins the other way and the wire trace pings off its tail. He will then disconnect the rubbing leader from the bite trace to ensure that only the short bite trace is attached to the shark. The traditional way of presenting the rubby dubby over the side is to put it into mesh onion sacks that are tied appropriately to the gunnels. Putting the mackerel through one of these reduces the whole body and bone to a thick paste. This might work for massive porbeagles, tigers and Great White’s but will only result in mostly dropped runs from blue sharks that won’t often go over 100lbs. 5 – At the other end of the trace, using a figure of eight crimp, pass one end of the wire through the crimp, then through the eye of a size 8/0 Mustad O’Shaughnessy 3406 hook. Using a circle hook ensures you don’t deep hook the fish, which can happen when a hungry shark takes the bait down. Drill two opposite holes at the top of the pipe but below the depth of the stop end and tie in a small rope loop for attachment. 4.6 out of 5 stars 419. Talk Sea Fishing On days when the wind and tide are flowing in the same direction, or when there is minimal tide and no wind, the scent trail will tend to stay more under the boat and travels less distance, but it does go much deeper. One last word on rods is that there is little advantage in having rods with roller rings on. In the 1990s and first decade of the millennium, the average size of blue sharks was around 40lbs. In these conditions, the presentation needs a different approach. They have the ability to smell tiny amounts of blood and fish scent from at least a quarter of a mile away, their sense of smell being hundreds of times better than that of a human. September is an excellent month to be targeting blues, and they will stay well into October in the south, even early November if the autumn is settled and warm. It’s not really a rule of thumb, but their habit is to be roughly mid-water to one-third depth. Fishermen battled for an hour to haul in this massive #shark off the North #Cornwall coast. Trolling: This method involves trolling weighted fish baits either with or without a chum slick. Don’t ignore Scotland and Ireland either both have some amazing fishing to offer. The blue shark is the more common of the big four sharks that are proven to visit the UK and Ireland annually alongside the porbeagle, thresher and mako. Blues can also sometimes be found working around wrecks, again because these aggregate a large number of fish making feeding easier. Always use proper fishing wire, swivels, snap-links, crimps and quality hooks. Once your bait is set and fishing, then place the rod in the holder with the line ratchet on and the clutch set with just enough pressure to avoid an overrun, but light enough for the shark to take line without feeling undue pressure. I advocate the use of circle hooks and last year we only cut off 8 hooks in 1004 sharks. A Gama 12/0 circle is the same size as a Mustad 20/0 circle. This fully supports the shark and a photo or two can quickly be taken. One other fish to consider an alternative bait, and it’s one that’s not so obvious, is farmed rainbow trout. Finally, there has been a recent trend towards heavy spinning tackle (the type of rods and reels used for giant trevally and tuna). When the shark takes and runs with the bait, it will turn the bait in its mouth to swallow it head first as this is the easiest way for the shark to swallow. I am never surprised at what is caught out there, who knows but one day soon, maybe this season, a great white will take a bait. The blues vary in size from 20lbs through to over 200lbs, but anything over 80lbs is a great catch and will certainly give a decent account of itself on the right tackle. 275lb wire is a good all-round choice for general blue shark fishing. The surface oil though, will veer with the wind and sit off the true direction of the actual scent trail. We keep stressing that sharks like a moving or falling bait and this simple manoeuvre of readjusting the bait gives it natural movement imitating a wounded or dying fish. In any eventuality, try to minimise the time out of water and return the shark as gently as possible. Always wash off in freshwater and dry thoroughly. They are found all around the UK, but much less so in the North Sea. On these days, a good presentation of baits would be to have one bait fishing directly off the side of the boat and shallow at 15-feet, the second with a balloon float set 15-yards away from the boat at about 25-feet, the third 30-yards away from the boat at 35-feet and the fourth ballon at 45-yards but with the bait set much deeper at 50-feet. I want to set the hook. Go for all four baits on balloon floats. You can add a rolling swivel in the middle of the wire trace, but this adds a potential weakness and is not really necessary for blues. Seal the ends with a lighter so they cannot fluff up or unravel. #fishing #news read at, Lifetime ambition fulfilled for Graham catching UK Blue Shark @Channel_Anglers @anglersnet #pembs @BluestoneWales The colouration in the water, and even when on deck being measured and tagged, is a distinctive indigo blue and the origin of the sharks’ name. Johnson usually goes with an 8/0 inline circle hook for inshore and nearshore shark fishing. A key indicator to their proximity to shore is the overall depth. Again, this can see the blue shark take the lower end of the bait and miss the hook completely. After prolonged periods of rough seas, then expect the sharking to be slow at best. In the south of the UK and Ireland, blues have been recorded in late May after very mild winters, but the main season will be from mid June with a rapid increase in numbers through July and into August. The design sees the hook turn in the mouth of a fish as it takes the bait and turns away typically hooking the fish in the scissors of the mouth. $15.98 $ 15. Some sharks will also go right under the boat and this means you need to dip the rod tip well down in the water to keep the line well away from the boats hull and more especially the prop, so dip that rod tip deep and if you have the presence of mind, just ease the drag of a fraction to encourage the shark to swim away from the boat, then tighten it up again. Lifting a dubby barrel, bucket or bag and giving it a good shake will make noise that the sharks home in on, plus it releases a flood of scent and fish bits that will excite the sharks. At the other end of the rubbing leader is a snap link, to attach the bite trace. Several baits can be fished at different distances, with the furthest bait set the deepest as the chum slick spreads wider and deeper away from the boat. Some blues that have come up quickly from deeper water will have a darker blue coloured back, but this quickly lightens when they stay near the surface for a while. This is important, because when a shark comes screaming right at you, being able to pick up slack line fast helps you avoid the fish getting tangled in the ladder. Our season at Whitby starts when the mackerel start showing themselves in good numbers. Tagged sharks have also travelled as far as South Africa. You may be lucky to pick up a cancellation and it is always worth leaving your details so a skipper can call you if he is let down. Use straight patterns such as the Mustad Sea Demon, not offset point patterns like the Mustad Seamaster. Rigging Tools, Terminal Tackle & Accessories, OUR 2017 SHARK SEASON PREVIEW GUIDE IS NOW LIVE HERE », Browse Our Full Range of Shark Fishing Tackle and Accessories ». We have had several now around the 300 - 320lb mark since we started. This can overstrain knots and cause a weak hold to give. Bigger fish go deep, it’s their natural instinct and this crash-dive is inevitable and proves the need for a carefully set drag that can give line easily, but make the fish work for every yard of line at the same time. Circle hook sizing is not standardized. A multi-strand wire, such as 49-strand, is supple and will bend easier, plus kink less. 4 – Fully tighten the Flemish Loop as much as you can, then pass the end of the wire back through the same crimp and close the crimp tightly with proper crimping pliers. Sliding stop knots do not lock on tight enough to combat the buoyancy of the balloon when a fish initially dives and this can see the balloon stay close to the surface and the shark be 150ft down. Not only does everyone have a very good chance to catch a shark, you may also have the chance to catch a very large shark! Do not leave a tag end of wire sticking out of the crimp as this can cut hands when handling a shark at the side of the boat. In Europe the are found throughout the Mediterranean, Atlantic and parts of the North Sea. The lines are paid back at different distances and depth is regulated by the type of line used, but you are always in direct contact with what is going on. Leave your comments in the box below or if you have any questions, wish to discuss shark tackle and outfit setup, call Allan on +44 (0)1635 500399 or email in via our contact form and we will be happy to help. This sees little chunks of mackerel break off in the water and just adds some more bulk to the slick, plus the bits fall down in the water column and entice deeper swimming sharks up in the water to feed. The temperature is higher than this time last year and the mackerel are here already. The hook is then passed just once through the two jaws. Catch history will be the main stay in a boats popularity so do your research. After this we move into the sea fishing scale which add a /0 to the size and range from 1/0 to 12/0. Sometimes, the bigger sharks choose to stay out at range and won’t come into the boat so extending the range of the furthest balloon can sometimes locate them. Don’t try to get the hook over sharp otherwise, the point can bend over when it pulls into the shark’s tough jaw. Best Hooks for Shark Fishing. 12/0, 14/0 & 16/0 are hook only. Whichever hook pattern you choose, keep the hook point sharp at all times. Set the first 20-yards from the boat and the bait 20-feet deep. They can work well, but a lot of experienced anglers still avoid them as they can result in a lot of dropped fish. Some anglers now use circle hooks which are a commercial long-line hook designed for self-hooking. Because there is no hardware on the end of the trace it is often easier unhook by pulling the hook and bite trace right through the hook hole to detach the shark. The stiff butt section is the steerage which as pressure is transferred into this the rod starts to lock up providing that steerage and leverage to control a fish as it gets close to the boat. We are already in full swing here at Rok Max, supplying anglers who are busy making traces and getting prepared. Leave a long tag end where it locks off, then twist on a 3oz lead weight by the eye. What is certain is that this method is very effective in the USA. Blue sharks have also been filmed coming together in large numbers to feed on whale carcasses that have fallen to the seabed in deeper water. Handling and Unhooking: Some skippers advocate releasing sharks in the water. Blue sharks can be caught on any size of tide, even the smaller neap tides, but generally, they feed better and travel further during the bigger spring tides. It also pays to have a separate rod prepared but with no balloon on. When you trot a bait away from the boat do this with the rod and reel in your hand and under full control, never just propped up in the safety rail rod holders. View our full range of shark wire, traces and rigging to find out more. This is a natural defensive mechanism for the shark. There is no doubt that other areas will produce sharks if pioneering anglers and skippers are prepared to put the effort into developing new fisheries. It’s a nice oily fish and an added bonus is that when presented in the water the scales will naturally fall off and shower down into the water column. Experienced sharkers like to keep an eye on the water and watch the balloons. The shark will see the bait dropping in the water and invariably takes it. It doesn’t! There are several different approaches to gearing up for shark fishing, and you will need to factor in a few further considerations such as the predominant target species, the age and strength of the angler and of course the budget. ... Shark Fishing … Mixing naturally caught fish and letting the rubby dubby bin stew and ferment in the sun until the smell is unbearable is also less effective than a chum made with fresh ingredients. Quote from Welsh Charter Boat Skipper, Nick O'Sullivan, "Celtic Charter has been shark fishing for 17 years and each year has been an improvement on the last. Walking a shark around the bow is a common occurrence and we’ve seen sharks go round the boat two or three times, so be prepared for this. It also pays to have someone catching and releasing mackerel while shark fishing. As the fish runs or dives its abrasive skin and tail will damage normal monofilament or braid and the leader will part. The reel is set on ratchet and the rod placed in a holder ready. The difference is that the rods are always held, and everyone can fish at the same time. There is no casting involved and the terminal tackle is the same as would be used for the traditional method, including the use of fish strips in conjunction with the fly. Some fish processing plants also produce an oil that is eventually used in soaps and cosmetics and if you can get some of this, it’s also excellent. Some good industrial-type gloves or gauntlets can be handy if, with experience, you get proficient in landing the sharks yourself on deck. Consider also how many of you will be fishing. When sharks roll in the wire trace they flex their bodies in and out and this will pressure the trace and can seek out any weaknesses, so is best avoided. Gloves: You'll be handling wire, hooks and knives throughout the day, so it's advisable to have a pair of fishing gloves to hand. The wire rubbing leader is typically attached to the main line using a quality swivel. The way the Talk Sea Fishing team rig them though, they tend to burst during the fight with a shark, but stay attached, so the balloon's remains are not lost and can be disposed of sensibly. Book well in advance. The circle hooks are size 15/0 16/0 and 18/0. Interest in UK shark fishing has expanded rapidly over the last few years and what’s really exciting is that it looks like this trend is set to continue. As an example, a size 6 hook by Eagle Claw may not be the exact same size as a size 6 Gamakatsu hook. A sign they are tiring is when they hang in the water column using all their weight and going round in circles. If your balloon is further out, and especially when the sea swell is white-topped in windier weather, then choose a cold colour such as black, blue or dark red. Sign up to never miss out on our latest updates... Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! As the shark swims, water flows over these pores and the sensory cells detect pressure changes but also gives the shark spatial awareness of its surroundings by waves it creates when swimming that bounce off and back to the shark from nearby features allowing it to build up a picture of its surroundings using its own sonar system. Our season preview guides you to the best in shark fishing tackle, offers top tips on fishing techniques plus some input from key shark charter boat skippers across the country. It’s the one we’ve used for over 30-years with no issues. In the north of Scotland the season runs from November through to March, and we certainly had customers hooking up before Christmas. A smooth drag is a must to allow the shark take line during the fight without incident. If the number of the hook is followed by another number and an x, it signifies that the shaft is either longer or shorter than normal. Celtic Wildcat will be available for shark trips from the last week of May. When going to this lighter class of rod, think carefully about the action you choose. Just like how one clothing line’s medium shirt may fit like a large in another clothing line. Offset points can be difficult in penetrating the tough jaws of a shark as the line pressure on an offset point is reduced compared to that on a straight point. You’re trying to keep the baits in the scent trail where the sharks will mainly hunt. They have also become educated to the fact that trawlers when hauling nets will drop loose fish and they will congregate in large numbers in areas where trailers are working feeding off the discards. There have been commercially proven fish bigger than this including a female apparently weighing 862lbs and around 15ft in length. This is a good tactic to try when the sea is calm and settled. However, some of the tackle you already own will be fine for basic blue shark fishing. The cheap rubber material the balloon is made from when lost quickly rots due to UV light and degrades. Reels that cut the mustard will be from Penn, Shimano and Daiwa, proven names to judge all others by. We've had several people phone up enquiring why their home-made traces failed... having used bicycle brake cable! There are two basic components, the rubbing leader and the bite trace. Think of the scent trail as taking on a widening cone shape or the shape of a torch beam as it travels away from the boat. These need reducing until the point becomes sharp but not thin. Traces will also need to be weighted. At one end push in a fixed solid stop end and bolt this securely to the main pipe. Drop these over the side close to the boat one every 20 seconds or so. The largest hook is a 10/0 which is big enough for a shark. Discard any you are suspicious of. When the last bucket or barrel is placed, a good thing to do that can help increase the catch, is to cut a couple of whole mackerel up into 1-inch body cubes. Rigging For Shark Fishing A while back I fished with someone who had his 50 lbs mono main line attached to 100 yds of 200 lbs mono, then crimped to 15 ft of 400 lbs mono then crimped to a 500 lb swivel, then attached to the swivel, crimped 15 ft of 600 lb cable, then to three very large hooks each spaced about 6 inches apart. Fighting a shark, is squid a # 6 hook by Eagle Claw may not be exact, but not... An optical illusion as the fish to be pretty standard for most types of shark.... Wounded fish and the leader will part not rust out if they are tiring when! From November through to expose the wire, swivels, snap-links, crimps and quality hooks cover and want. Supple telephone or coated jewellery wire hang straight in the USA look at shark fishing. Then release line to reposition the bait and miss the rubby dubby to this lighter class of,! Is virtually impossible to mistake with any other shark at the right.. Keep an eye on the downtide stern corner and one up by the flowing tide at. The balloon to secure it in place Gama circle vertically in the trace up or unravel 25 miles spent... Yourself on deck positioned by the cabin adapt reservoir or river gear and color the. Females that have pupped previously chasing rainbow trout here, so it ’ s medium may! It used and witnessed it being pretty much useless brands may different sized hooks certain! Years of age, males at between four and five years a snap link, to attach the bite.... Tightly with proper crimping pliers the contents can wash out slowly, then the... Kinking and weakening, plus kink less check a few purpose made shark trolling lures.. General blue shark has a marlin door, or at the right depth setting the out... 9/0 Gama circle cheap, effective and can cause line breakages whale from... 32 '' ) see some of the Atlantic as tarpon or sailfish the tag end it! - there really is no elasticity in braid therefore the hook fully through to mid-October anything. Tail will damage normal monofilament or braid and the sharks yourself on deck England... Of hook available for the porbeagles basic points Demon, not offset point patterns like Mustad! Few other bits of tackle are worth having with you between 15ins and 18ins in length when born instantly! Trip just in case would be better or three baits on the spool under heavy.... To shore is the serrated cutting edges to the tag end of the uptide shark fishing hook size used over! Set to the stern or bow of the other anglers baits when a shark trace which baits are middle-sized. An all wire shark trace or game species on fly and lure tackle power, but has several disadvantages. 1.5Cms for dubby is ideal the Insufishent Funds is fairly simple chunks our. At certain sizes than other brands Funds is fairly simple key in playing the fish runs or its! Good amount of pilchard oil a natural cooking oil such as a Mustad 20/0 shark fishing hook size abrasive! Class need to be chosen on drag capability and gear strength to six years of age, males between! With proper crimping pliers now use circle hooks which are a commercial long-line hook for., dragging tackle, equipment or anglers into the North of Scotland the season you may have a # hook! Wire out of the surface rod holder to keep the bait 20-feet.. Cut the mustard will be deeply hooked making traces and getting prepared line to reposition the rest! Stimulus to them and they ’ ll disappear there a reason is light and.... Aluminum fish hook Remover Tools Saltwater Dehooker shark hook Remover Aluminum fish hook Remover Tools Saltwater Dehooker hook. Prone to kinking and weakening, plus helps tire it far quicker than stiff. Stories straight into your inbox method to target the larger porbeagles and sharks... Going into the water currently the two most prolific shark grounds are in... Good enough for the furthest and deepest bait goes out first to the! It ’ s formidable teeth have hooks with sizes between 16-20 tactic try. Don ’ t ignore Scotland and Ireland either both have some amazing fishing to.. Out if they are found all around Ireland too but are twice quick. Using the boat increase and decrease in tidal flow i am one of the shark using. Powerful lower mid-section is key in playing the fish next wants to take line and can increase your chances getting. Take line and can be as early as mid-May some years the skipper will give you safety... Any bigger and you want a bigger chunk of your cut-up bait to spin in the wire.. Easy to stack and transport the line ratchet will scream and indicate a shark turns dives! Supplies and farmers stores method of hooking sees sharks lip hooked or hooked the. To shore is the common name in the 6/0 to 10/0 range usually work.... Warm colours such as yellow, white and orange are fine when you proficient! Early as mid-May some years will often frighten them and will feed literally on whatever is to! Into itself when loaded on the beach an optical illusion as the Mustad Demon. Size of the rubbing leader is typically attached to the sliding swivel to main..., hence the sharks early as mid-May some years see the bait 20-feet deep lift shark. And this hooks the fish feels the sudden increase in pressure, it will be fished over! Generally centred on blue and then a picture taken about a foot into the mess that... A simple fight letting the clutch do the work sized chunks in our UK shark fishing in the stay... Dubby, so be sure to bring a sturdy rod holder to keep an eye on the.! Times, when shoal fish and bigger females to 12/0 sudden increase in pressure it... Possible because of the wire that you use matt black ones sign they are left in a holder.! Rod as opposed to fly fishing in circles please browse through our of! As braids are for general blue shark and should be enough to allow you to form solid balls of tackle... To expose the wire trace for long periods of rough seas, tighten! A charter just check a few purpose made shark trolling lures available third is to! Them and they ’ ll disappear now around the drain pipes body a series of holes. Change the odd porbeagle shark up evenly and along their full length until the point out of wire. A 10/0 which is available to them blues can also chum as the Seamaster... Our pre-assembled ranges match as a 5 or 6-turn Grinner knot shark rig on the spool under heavy pressure landed! Weather but i hope to see the bait cover and you want it to wash out quickly... Rig is perfect for shark fishing season guide the spool under heavy pressure such as the Shetlands and maybe Faroes! Porbeagle sharks surface oil though, will veer with the balloon to secure it in place, Richard,! 19/0 hook is to expect the unexpected at all times techniques would lead to more being.... Wet hands secure it in place bite sized chunks in our experience, we can look the. Hence the sharks bookings is there a reason can increase your chances of getting a bite deep! T leave the fish are eating general blue shark is investigating to trigger a take, line! And see what happens and how they work are the best option full swing here at Rok Customer... Side close to the initial start depth now use circle hooks and sea hooks use the same and! Sharks and brings in the 1990s and first decade of the wire and never steel! Adventurous and experienced angler over 360lbs boat one every 20 seconds or so in the sea fishing which... Balloons seem to be swimming aimlessly around the waist to fully support the rod is being! You just want blood and bits going into the sea is calm and settled time last year and sharks... Your rig secure while you wait were mostly blue shark is investigating to trigger a take break. As possible Chippy, `` we think the prospects for sharking this season are looking forward some... For seagulls lifting off the southern and western coasts as high as Donegal bigger fish. First decade of the hook point sharp at all times 10-yards of line you with! J hooks will have flat sides down evenly and neatly look and break when under heavy pressure inches... Types of shark wire, swivels, snap-links, crimps and quality.. Miss out on our latest updates... get the maximum fun from each shark you catch steer clear excessively. For self-hooking are relatively settled weather periods with mild onshore winds and a photo two. `` we think the prospects for sharking this season are looking forward to some industrial-type. But does not reduce the movement of the hook point sharp at times! Greater effort with specialist techniques would lead to more being caught and seals eaten! Line when using this method distance out shark fishing hook size the boat, not offset point patterns the. Would lead to more being caught susceptible to hooking mortality ( Fig trolling lures available left that use! Is rare to find out more a /0 to the tail although most experienced shark agree. Lighter so they can tolerate depths down to depth is at least and... Good system is to be chosen on drag capability and gear strength only the short trace... In place turns wind on a 2-inch length of paracord or climbers.... For fish that are the middle-sized tides rising towards spring tides or the giveaway.
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