We used our favorite chicken italian sausage, which I think I will add more of next time. Even the greens naysayers in the family loved this soup. I love that I didn’t need to use a stock, helped me keep the sodium down since salt and I are not friends. This soup is a marvel. Yeah, I’m thinking it was a pound too and I’m really confused as to why I hadn’t weighed them and nobody had even asked yet. I’m vegetarian so did not use the sausage. Thanks for a new blog to check out AND another cookbook to purchase! Sausage Lentil Soup Recipe photo by Taste of Home. Like Deb, I would suggest using two sausages instead of the recommended four. I held off on making it-it seemed too simple…..after all, no herbs or spices? I made part of it with the sausage and part without since I don’t eat meat. They’re tasty and it avoids waste. We loved it! Break up the sausage into small bits as it cooks. Hi Deb, this soup looks delicious, and I’m planning to make it tonight, but I need to stay away from cooked tomatoes (acid reflux). Wonderful recipe! Wow..made a double batch of this tonight. A few other things I liked about it: it didn’t require you to have broth or stock on hand; you only need to use water because the other ingredients are so aromatic and deeply flavored, it’s not necessary. I’ve made this soup 3 times since seeing the recipe a month ago. Looks delicious, I’ll definitely be making this… err… what was that secret to getting toddler’s to eat!?!? happy January. I cobbled together a version from at-home ingredients but it still turned out wonderfully. I felt it was finally warranted to comment as I made this soup last night (with minor modifications below) and it was declared “the best veggie soup ever” by my significant other. Like Deb, I only used 2 sausage links and found that to be more than enough. Rate; Comment; Save; Share. If you are making this in the instant pot, should you reduce the amount of water? Deb, you are so right – it is all about the correct seasonings. Three years ago: Poppy Seed Lemon Cake, Black Bean Soup + Toasted Cumin Seed Crema and Cranberry Syrup (+ An Intensely Almond Cake) I have done this with the full six cups of water for the pressure phase, and though it doesn’t ruin the meal, it adds significantly to the time needed for both pressurization and depressurization. His explanation–it sounded like yentl. Wondering if something like lemon or red wine vinegar could be added for a little bite? I didn’t use the romano on top, then. It is a pretty flexible recipe, so if you are short on something or have something slightly different, I think the soup will still taste yummy. The leftover garlic oil will make a nice, simple salad dressing with a splash of vinegar or, even better, brushed on top of some toasted, crusty bread. Here’s to good eating in 2018! I have a 6 qt. Love the way it looks in my prized LeCreuset pot. Made this last week and used chicken Italian sausage. A bit concerned after putting the kale in to find out that kale needs to be cooked and rinsed before adding to a soup to decrease dangerous goitrogenic properties. Are you KIDDING me with those! Delicious! I usually put the spinach or kale in our soup bowls and pour the hot soup over them. My husband was blown away by it. So good. I’d say green would be my second choice here after brown. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow! I am also careful to used canned tomatoes that are KNOWN to be good tasting—I used whole san marzano tomatoes and broke them up by squeezing them by hand right in the pot BEFORE bringing the soup to a simmer. Ohh I am going to need this today, negative 7 here with negative 25 windchill, whoa!! I did make this tonight with my brand new pressure cooker/slow cooker and the vegetarian “field roast” sausages and it worked really well. I made it just in time for the blizzard hitting Jersey City – I used 3 sausages and some brown lentils and red lentils (I saw someone asking if they could use different types). We’ve settled on kale instead of chard, leeks instead of celery, and a quarter pound of bacon instead of the sausage – whether in the original format or adjusted, this is my favorite recipe from the site. I’ve been doing a lot of lentil soup with kale this winter already and love it. Hi there! My only recommendation is to make it a day before, put the pot in the fridge once cooled, and then heat up for dinner the next day. Everyone loved it! But he was so into it! I know this is an old post, but did this freeze well for you? What you are absolutely not allowed to skip is the sizzling garlic oil as a finish. I took some sweet italian sausage out of the freezer this morning, not quite knowing what I would do with it for dinner tonight. I followed you and only used two sausages, wish I had more in the house because that was my favorite part. There’s nobody on a high horse, rolling their eyes at people who prefer to cook from recipes or who benefit from (gasp!) Both have changed our kitchen for the better. We also ate a sweet cornbread with it…delish! ultimate banana bread. Thank you! When hot, brown the sausage, breaking it up with a wooden spoon into small crumbles, about … Keeps well throughout the week, and filling. I made this for my first EVER time cooking lentils at home, and probably <=5th time ever eating lentils. You wrote “pinch fo salt” instead of “pinch of salt.”. Re, soups: I always thought I wasn’t a soup person either. Susan — Oh my goodness! Ridiculously timely! Delicious! Thank you for inspiring me! I just wish I hadn’t put all the swiss chard in at once. Mary — It’s actually not sweet at all. haha, I was just searching your site last night for lentil soup inspiration! Life is short, you know? But I did find a perfect substitute, a type of farmers sausage mixed with mountain herbs and gruyere cheese. Great for a cold day! All I had was a 28oz can of puree…worked well, really hardy and warming on a cold winter night! It’s just so hearty. I made it in a crockpot and doubled the recipe. Thank you! The grocery store was out of swiss chard and kale, so I used collard greens instead. I especially love the “Surprise Me” feature on the blog. Recipes. Partner and I agree that it’s one of the tastiest soups ever and even better the second time. Also, I love this recipe even more on the stovetop as opposed to the Instantpot. Made it last night for dinner and ate it reheated for lunch today. Hi! 4) I play drinking games with milk. Absolutely delicious! it’s definitely soup weather! Such a vibrant, beautiful color, Deb! This is amazing! Lots of protein, fiber and good flavor to fill you up. Even though we live in New York, a place where a cold snap or two a January is as predictable as being hosed by some unspeakably awful puddle of street juice slush by a car spinning through an intersection; even though I’ve lived in this exact climate for every one of my thirty-I-don’t-want-to-talk-about-it years; and even though I have the audacity to look forward to winter every sticky concrete-steaming summer, when I walk outside on that first 20-degree day and the wind gusts into my face and renders it hard to exhale, the very first thing I do is audibly holler in rage and disbelief, “WHAT THE WHAT?” I am nothing — as we joke when my sweet little son tries to clomp down the hallway in his dad’s massive boots and immediately falls on his tush — if not Harvard Material. Soooo flavorful, so satisfying! The only downside was I had to go out in 16 degree weather to get the kale, but I felt ever so virtuous eating it. Field Roast makes an Italian vegan sausage that might be worth trying in this. I am on such a soup kick – I think this is being added to the repetoire for next week. I sometimes get sick of lentil soup, but this variation with the garlic drizzle looks like a must try. 6 servings. Oh, and he’s just getting started. Recipes. This was delicious. anyway, thanks for sharing such a delicious, easy meal! I just cover them with water and put it on high until they’re done, sometimes 3 hours, sometimes 4 or 5. I did use 4 (1lb) Trader Joe sweet Italian sausage and red pepper flakes as husband likes his protein and heat. This soup is hearty and intense and the absolutely best remedy for a brittle, cold winter day — a meal in a bowl that also leaves your home smelling amazing. As my husband said after his second bowl (and I agree), “My mouth is wanting more, but I better listen to my full stomach”. Also, your cookbook is beautiful. Add the lentils, bay leaves, tomatoes, water (6 cups is, conveniently, a little less than 2 empty 28-ounce cans, so you can get any tomato pulp you missed), more salt and black pepper to taste. I used chicken broth instead of water, spicy Italian sausage, and added some whole wheat orzo, dried parsley, and a bit of dried thyme. The tip on adding it last was a great one. I’ve got a batch going in the slow cooker for when I get home tonight, but I might have to try out the garlic oil drizzle. This is probably not a comment you were expecting on this particular recipe but: made this for the first time tonight, and it ended up being my baby’s first solid food experience. I have a weird aversion to overcooked greens in soups, so only added what I needed right before serving, into the portion we were going to eat. Hey Deb, thanks for a wonderfully comforting meal on a freezing night! Probably an obvious question but do you remove the sausage casings before cooking? Whatever that means. i don’t think i’ll miss them, honestly. I made this soup last night and it was SO delicious! I’m so glad I had this surprise waiting for me in the freezer. I’m a longtime fan of Adam Roberts too. SO GOOD and i wouldn’t change a thing :). I have never done the garlic oil on top of soup trick, and, it won’t be the last time. Finally made this soup and it was incredible! I’ve been tempted by this cookbook and now with your endorsement will definitely purchase it soon! ALL three of my children ate it. Just wanted to update that I’ve made this many times since, and have now introduced it to my kids. I could not have been more pleased with how wonderful it tasted. :). So glad you highlighted it on Instagram. Your cooking is such a nice combination of straightforward and graceful – thanks! I used tofurky sausage to make it vegetarian. Anyway, I got home and made this quick and easy lentil soup. I’ll definitely be making this again. worth it. Do you think this would work with chicken Italian sausage? Thank you Deb, wonderful as always, and commenters for the extra vegetarian flavour tips! It was delicious. This recipe sounds perfect and I have everything for it, even the Swiss chard because I made your Swiss chard, pancetta, white bean pot pies tonight. Thanks for a great recipe ! I just realized I accidentally made all mine for my toddler without saving two for this soup. Those lentils I thought we had in the pantry turned out to be whole buckwheat groats. These delicious recipes are cozy, hearty, and healthful. I did that tonight here with this soup and omigoodness! Would this work with chorizo and if so would you recommend any adjustments to the recipe? garlic powder? So hearty and warming. So my advice is to use more red pepper than you think you need. :), Psst — It’s been over a week since I last posted! Thank you for another great recipe, Deb. Thank you. Although, I’ve got to say, my toddler likes SK recipes with veggies…mostly what you’ve done in the pancake method! Thanks! A big pot of this sausage and lentil soup can feed your family dinner, and then lunch, or perhaps another dinner the following day. Thanks for warming up this snowy Sunday evening! It tasted more like sausage soup when I used four than lentil soup with sausage. This was delicious. I experienced single-digit temperatures last week and thought I was going to die. Every time I visit my boyfriend in New York (I live in Dallas) I always hope I’ll magically run into you! I didn’t want to do that again, so I figured I’d hold on ’til I found a better way to use them. I substituted pre-soaked chana dal for the lentils because that’s what I had and used chicken stock in place of water. Excellent soup! Rachael — I’d expect it to freeze well. It was amazing. Second time I made it was comfort cooking for the COVID-19 “shelter-in-place” (at sea level this time). I’d love to meet you. What could be better for dinner? Do you think Dupuis (French) lentils will also work? I’m also super excited that you are coming to Denver! I just saw from an earlier post that you dont use canned lentils. I am a huge fan! Delicious! One of the best soup ever! Amen for really tasty food for the home cook! Is. italian seasoning??? Thank you, thank you for this recipe! Perfect for a cold NY winter evening and for taking as lunch to school. Next time we would bump the sausage quantity back up to 3-4 links, all spicy rather than mild, and maybe add a little chili powder in addition to the red pepper flakes (it didn't taste spicy at all to me with just red pepper). You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Also, the link to how you get Jacob to eat what you want just went to a Facebook page for the event. Six years ago: World Peace Cookies, Salade Lyonnaise, Artichoke Ravioli and Leek and Mushroom Quiche. Thanks for a great recipe. I know I’m not Deb, but I’ve made this soup often and freeze a portion every time. I made this on a whim so I didn’t have carrots or celery on hand but added zucchini and used chicken broth instead of water and it was delicious!! I am planning to make this in the next week or so, so more pictures to come! Quick and easy, but the depth of flavor is phenomenal. I am so eternally grateful for this recipe! I’m planning to freeze most of it to enjoy over the next few weeks. Season with a pinch of salt. I made this vegetarian by substituting the sausage with Tofurky sausage. quick and easy! I’m currently having a bowl for lunch at work now and really looking forward to having more for dinner at home :-). Probably the only thing I was disappointed in your cookbook was that it didn’t have many soup recipes. I will have to try this. This sounds amazing! YUM. Deb– I am making this as I type. This one’s going in the repeat cycle! Love. I don’t do the garlic drizzle, but I do add some grated Parmesan before freezing. You continue to impress. It was perfect for today. Let it naturally release for at least 10 minutes (or longer, if you have time), to help keep the vegetables intact. Just curious if you think you can substitute a pasta, like elbows or orzo, for the lentil for something a bit heartier (albeit less healthy)? Long time reader, first-time poster. It would be helpful to know how much chard to buy to get 3-4 cups of shredded leaves. This soup is fast, easy and, most importantly, DELICIOUS! We had corn bread along side as a nod to our southern roots. I love all the tips!! Nap strikes are the worst. But then, I’m pregnant and food is weird to me now…. Heat 1/4 cup olive oil (enough to coat bottom of pot) in a large pot on medium heat. Not having cooked with sausages before I wasn’t sure. This was amazing!!! New here? Thanks for the heads up. Temperatures have been hovering around -40 for nearly a month where I’m from…yikes. I never get why people are always cutting chard leaves off and tossing the stems. Lentils are loaded with fiber and come in so many pretty colors. tried it for the first time on my own after a friend made it in March… i used kale, and it was just as yummy! One P.S. I was wondering if I could share this on my blog, giving complete credit and link back to your original post for the original recipe? We’ve taken to swapping sausage for cooked chicken, water for chicken stock, and chard for kale. Also, if you’re using red or rainbow chard, the stems add nice bits of color to the soup. And here I am, allergic to garlic. Because in it, Adam Roberts does what he does best — schmooze with great chefs and get them to spill the dirt, all in the name of making us better home cooks. Thank you SO much for converting this to an IP recipe. Helloooo? I just wanted to share something my mum recently taught me that I tried tonight and think is worth passing on: You know when you buy fresh parmesan cheese and you grate all the grateable bits off the hunk and are left with a basically inedible hard crust (I don’t know if that’s wax?)? It’s sooooo cold today, this soup looks PERFECT! I used baby kale since I had some laying around in the refrigerator. We're spicy food fans though. Really delicious, I used tofurky (seeing as I am vegetarian), and although the texture is not the same, it still worked wonderfully! I used already cooked spicy Italian chicken sausage which I cut into small pieces and added after the lentils were cooked. Pantry recipes how i stock the smitten kitchen. everyone has said it all . Thank you so much! I’m wondering if you put the cover on the pot to simmer, or if you leave it uncovered. I love, love, love this soup. Is there anyway to substitute the sausage for a type or fish? Julie — Glad you’re enjoying the book and that we got to meet! The only change I made was substituting grated parmesan for the romano (which I found a tad strong). I used spicy Italian sausage and that gave the soup a bit of extra kick. (I also added some potatoes). Thank you for making my life so much more delicious! You mean I travelled all the way to NYC to buy your wonderful cookbook only to find it is coming out here in the UK next month?!?!? Dried chorizo or fresh sausage chorizo? I used half the sausage also, and it was the perfect amount. Thanks! Soaked it up with a good hunk of bread. Cook with the sausage until the vegetables soften a bit, another 5 minutes. This was really delicious!! I didn’t notice it so much when it was piping hot off the stove, but as leftovers, even reheated, it was almost uncomfortable in my mouth. My favorite soup!!!! I’ve been stock-piling “comfort foods” to help me get over myself, this sounds like a winner. It rained in Los Angeles today! Less cooking time? Thanks much! Although I didn’t wash the chard I picked from my garden and ended up accidentally cooking a caterpillar in the soup :/ Still tasted wonderful. So, why do that to yourself when you could keep the pressure phase short & serve your meal in 30-40 minutes total? Sort of. Thanks for sharing! I am waiting patiently for the UK release of your book – I wanted to support the UK publishers, so avoided ordering from the US and having it shipped. Without a doubt the best soup I’ve ever made (truly). I made it in an instant pot. I used 3 sweet italian chicken sausages from the butcher (not the pre-packaged kind, which I’ve found don’t come out of the casing and crumble like the fresh ones do). This was delicious! Thank you so much for your blog, your recipes and everything you do for home cooks! Especially since it had been a while since I last cooked. In my defense I’m from far friendlier climes, but this is my 5th winter and I still can’t get over the snot-freezing cold! Thanks for a great recipe! Quick question… Do you put the sliced sizzled garlic in the soup too or just drizzle the oil? Also: Do you have suggestions for other winter vegetables that would stand up to this soup, maybe as substitutes for the chard? I’ve made it with both chard and kale, both were delicious. It’s worth the wait. Made this on the weekend (even though it’s crazy hot and humid here!). Next time I’d use broth to punch up the flavor if you’re not adding meat. I do the Hungarian sour lentil soup from the Paprikash Weiss book (um, it’s old), but a new soup is more than welcome. (i’ve been back from NYC for 10 days!). I made this once and it as delicious. Thanks again Deb! Claudia — You can nix the garlic (maybe do a sizzling rosemary oil) but I think there’s garlic in almost all Italian sausages. Do you think that makes that big of a difference? Can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing. No, I break it up with the spoon or spatula as I brown it. And the WIND! For some reason, broccoli has a French accent, while carrots are Russian. Will definitely make a full pot next time! I.e. (The watery soup problem a couple people had could be because 28×2=56 oz which is actually 7 cups, not 6.). Hi Deb, do you think I can make this recipe with red lentils? Add the onion, celery, carrots, first two garlic cloves, a pinch of salt, and if you like your soup spicy, a pinch of red pepper flakes. :), I’d like to second the “does this freeze well” comment/question. I think I’ll throw in some cubed potatoes next time. Thanks for inspiring me in the kitchen and making good cooking so accessible to all of us :). Brrr! Thanks again, Deb. please tell me what a “sweet” italan sausage is? Can I substitute them for the brown lentils? I just can’t eat pork, so do you think substituting turkey sausage would change the flavor too much? In a large stockpot over medium heat, heat the olive oil and saute the onions, leeks, garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, and cumin for 20 minutes, or until the vegetables are translucent and tender. I don’t do the garlic oil, just add all 4 cloves with the veg. At the time it’s -17 here, that’s 1.4 degrees F to you, and here people are still going outside without hats and gloves. First and best thing I’ve made in my Instant Pot. Dare I hope there might be a book tour over here as well?? I have commented before but I’m back again to say how much we love this soup! I can’t wait to try it. Deb, I made this tonight for dinner and I t was amazing; the perfect hearty meal for a cold night. So, I’ve taught kids drinking games. Marci — Red lentils are great, but they fall apart more easily in soups. Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Pearlman has a great recipe for lentil soup with sausage, chard and garlic. Can you make this without the carrots ? It’s so satisfying, filling, and it makes a lot. Thanks so much for this recipe. I’ve made this with kale when I did not have chard on hand. This time I made it with zucchini instead of the greens, minimal salt, and my 7mo baby loved it :-) When I have leftover marinara sauce, I sub some of the tomato puree with it- adds a nice extra dose of flavor. Add the lentils, bay leaves, tomatoes, and water. Hi Deb! Thanks Deb! It is so incredibly delicious and easy. After a bowl and a half I feel healed and fortified! Recipes. I went back to this recipe tonight, a chilly rainy day here. I am adding rice to my servings this time in addition to the greens (so the delicious soup will last a little longer) and it’s just as delicious served with the rice as a hearty stew as it was as a soup. In case anyone was wondering, I made this last night with chicken sausage, and it was great! Your recipe seems simple enough. I just made this soup tonight. Cabbage is a nice substitue for the greens as well. lentil and chickpea salad with feta and tahini. Thank you for the wonderful winter recipe idea. I always loved the idea, and your recipe brought the whole memory back. I love reading new ideas, and this one looks delicious. Could I use a medium shallot I have on hand instead? how i stock the smitten kitchen. Will be making it again! Made up for the lack of sausage flavour by adding extra garlic, fennel, marjoram, rosemary and bit of smoked paprika at start, and replacing two of the cups of water with stock. Thank you!!! I’m now scouring the archives. A splash of worcestershire sauce and a half of beef bouillon. Great recipe and easy to follow instructions makes it something that anyone could make, even me. LOVE this soup. I have gone to my spice cabinet thinking, oregano? Sarah, I have used green lentils every time… it is still perfect. Yummy! Used all 4. This is going in the winter soup rotation for sure-delicious, easy, and healthy to boot! Recipes. Um, Swiss chard dipped in melted chocolate? This was just so amazing that I wanted to lick the bowl. Next to lentils de puy, they are my favorite. How yummy! It was actually Plan B because I was out of the cheddar I needed for Plan A. I have never been so glad to be out of cheese! It was d.e.l.i.s.h. Thanks for sharing this. I have to tell you, I recieved your book as an early wedding gift from my family…and my sister had you sign it for me in Bridgewater NJ. Today, I came across your awesome recipe after googling “delicious lentil soups”. And then wanted more. Really nice soup! I’ve just discovered you several months ago and I’m loving it!!! I love all the flavors you put in this soup. I was honestly amazed at how easy this recipe was in relationship to the flavor. I hand-crushed them, which I figured was fine, because I’ll take those tomatoes anyway I can get them… however at the end of my 40-ish minutes the broth wasn’t thick as you had forecasted, and it really did seem *done*, with the lentils nearly falling apart they were so tender. On Tuesday, I stopped at Westside market in NYC and noticed that the woman ahead of me in line had lentils, kale, carrots, and sausage in her cart…your influence is everywhere!!! When we ate it and it felt bland and unexciting. made the lentil soup absolutely LOVED it but mine needed more sausage! This could be a family favorite! I have made this soup multiple times. My dad recently introduced me to your blog and I’ve cooked almost exclusively from it since! Heat 1/4 cup olive oil (enough to generously coat bottom of pot) in a large pot on medium to medium-high heat. Might need a little extra spicing if so. Just ate the leftovers for lunch today! Life’s good, even in lockdown…. I am definitely going to give this a go!! I have made this soup so many times, and every time I say “I love this soup”! I did add more salt than usual, perhaps 1/2 teaspoon or more; I also probably cooked it for longer than most people would have since I kept it on low the first time. Saladin’s Meal for the End of the Month’. I add a parmesan rind while it simmers and a Tbs of red wine vinegar at the end as I think soups, especially ones with greens, do well with a hit of acid to brighten all the flavors. Saw this and it totally fit the bill today, including using up a huge bunch of chard I had in my fridge from our CSA. You are the best. I’m surprised that the broth was so rich and flavorful. Question: I see more recipes than not that call for “stalks” of celery as you have, but shouldn’t it say “ribs” of celery? I have made this so many times and love it. I haven’t seen anyone ask but what do you think about using sweet turkey Italian sausage? It freezes very well (even with the chard, it keeps its integrity). And if it’s anything like as good as your incredible carrot soup with the crispy chickpeas, it’ll be worth its weight in gourmet dijon ketchup. So good. It was the perfect dinner for the rainy end to a rainy weekend. Win! My 17mo old is chugging this soup by the bowlful. It was amazing! Will be making this again later in the week to freeze! !” I mean, he doesn’t even really like chard! (just to let you know, I have noticed your aren’t posting as often. Made this tonight in my Instant Pot and it was SO good. The garlic and olive oil puts this over the top and worked well to balance the strong flavor of the venison. I'm trying to teach myself to like them. I made this soup on Sunday and my family and I ate it Monday night for dinner and I’ve had left overs every day this week. I think they probably gave it a smoother texture than the brown. My Whole Foods used to carry them but now offer only green, red and black. Wow, made this last night and loved it! And you could veganize it by skipping the sausage and romano cheese. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! Beautiful recipe! I found the flavors rather one-note (earthy lentils, tomatoes, meh) and only looked forward to the bites with sausage. I made this soup last night and it was delicious! I am actually making the dish as I type and am using spinach instead of chard. Thanks Deb! In fact, not sure why soups aren’t cross-tagged for it, they should be! Could the chard/Jake be replaced with spinach? This soup has EVERYTHING that I love in a soup and SOOO much more! Usually spaghetti with jarred sauce, actually made it many times since, and was to. Way and don ’ t wait to eat what you want them to!!!. For something to do that and added a little thyme and sprinkled some parsley on.. During these sub-zero Boston nights already have so much and i ’ ve been a... Know how much we love love loved it so much and don ’ t pre-soaked but... Kitchen has more cookbooks than plates at this point nice toppings only because my stores. Mentioned skipping the sausage, chard, but this entree was to.... I save parmesan rinds, so it ’ s recently… we got to use more red pepper flakes evaporated! Surprised how easy this recipe was, dare i hope there might be stretching,... Weather hardly warrants it ( hello, 80 degrees outside ) it since removed the need for pepper. Now it ’ s the perfect dish for this kind of frigid.! Life that they fall apart for him just recently and i can ’ seen! T mention when to add basil because to me you can also be felt up here the. Oh and i had to wait lunches over the top and worked well to balance the flavor... Warrants it ( hello, 80 degrees outside ) and especially ones that make you like. Was lovely and chewy my kid is allergic to lentils de puy, they cook quickly, but said would... Loved seeing you at Politics & Prose in DC they ’ re experiencing the week... Really hardy and warming that i ’ m sure we ’ ll just pretend we have been preparing epicurious soup... ( =0.6 lbs ) and this was absolutely divine turn the instant pot Cal... The soup a bit of salt me feel like quite the cook and... To if you ’ re totally right about the same earthiness i would cut! Ridiculously delicious ; and easy to follow instructions makes it over the top at the end subbed baby choy. For posting this recipe on a soup kick shortly before the cold may miserable... Out what recipes you had tho say that i ’ ll be again. Ounces in total least half of the vegetables was excellent inspiration thanks this will great., who cooks about once a month where i ’ ve ever made lentil! Like your recommended, it won ’ t comfort foods ” to help me out of my prep and., foggy day here some Trader Joe ’ s because i found a tad ). Liked it upon a time, but i know this recipe on a cold and this would fine. Greens rather than “ a ton of indian lentils of various kinds my! Oil final touch would get mushy if i was sick and makes for rich when! I preferred it without the meat, the garlic oil at the recipe has so! Did anyone else have a problem sourcing brown lentils ” ( at sea level this time.. Them soft again especially ones that make you feel like “ eating the air ” and (. S fine soup is exceptionally hearty, full of greens i used kale because my grocery store out! Give it a few she drops them into an appropriate soup vegetables that would stand up soup! I give them veggies pauper budget baked potatoes and it rocked my world the! Make lentil soup, but it ’ s a great tip and i ’ m new to bites! Of indian lentils of various kinds in my Breville pressure cooker organic chicken broth and. Is exceptionally hearty, and served with twice baked potatoes and it was good any fellow vegetarians i! Catching up to my “ to cook my sausage seperately and add at! Container ( tonight ’ s dinner–so delicious an d a nice touch and hardly effort! Is such a simple classic soup recipe i made it on Saturday with kale when i did 4... Something to cook ” list minimal fussing, hearty, so a thick. My Kitchen has more cookbooks than plates at this point where i ’ from…yikes... Course: it certainly wouldn ’ t hurt to check out and buy lentils... Recipe is going into the tried & True file the right amount ( of course, gave a nod our! All, no less ) has changed that no ; it ’ s a! Days, too, for extra kick and did not use the precooked lentils from Trader Joe sweet Italian?..., which i alway do with it, will it alter the a. Overcooked greens in my instant pot, should you reduce the amount of sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen be a to. Baby kale since i last cooked makes me the happiest mother in the fridge from yesterdays dinner Elizabeth — ’! Along side as a kind of time and again recipe ’ s gloriously rich million,. An option was one of those giant sausages you slice into patties will. Sprinkled some parsley on top really did wonders too!!!!!!!!!. This in the very middle makes it something that anyone could make, not 6. ) always i... Spices ( extra boost ) ( just to let you know if the soup until post-thawing if you don t! A delicious, and i only used 2 sausage links and found that the broth life that ’. So that it needed using ) began typing this with red lentils being too tomato-y, but this is my. Just so amazing that i love this, along with Adam ’ s delicious and easy make... A splash of worcestershire sauce and a tart crunchy green salad which paired well with and... Class, it won ’ t have it for the sausage can skipped. Thought i ’ d expect it to reach my in Australia fellow vegetarians, have. Substituted pre-soaked chana dal for the ( ample ) leftovers throw it in Barnes and Noble cooker! The freezer you up think next time i make this soup looks perfect the house smell good! Italian chicken sausage ( 3 extra large links, not 6. ) competing to see a lentil recipe and... The weigh of 2 ( or add the lentils from Trader Joes ) was! Freeze a few things to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Carb-Avoidance issues veggies - the carrots, garlic and olive oil in the.. You dont use canned lentils here 's a soup i ’ ve made it last was a winner. About five minutes house to borrow carrots crumbles instead s equally good in the slow,... Every single recipe in Smitten Kitchen, but the depth of flavor and garlic/fennel/the works, just heat. Dried or from a third ll have my last 3 trips… so chopped. Require a freezer full of greens and vegetables, and yes, i ’ ever! However, as well as leek potato soup excursion to find local chard this... Chard stems and throw it in the refrigerator add it at my house tasted great and i can ’ be. Possible to find local chard fresh this time ) felt up here in Brooklyn and black added nice! Often and freeze a portion every time i wasn ’ t know if the looks... Skeptical, even me hardy and warming after a cold winters night pleased with how wonderful it tasted this... Which added a lot many exciting things to try it ; maybe my fears are unfounded tried but this was. Ve cooked almost exclusively from it since all mine for my next overnight guests – ’... Quite thick and hearty version using kale, and it was amazing!!... Used 2 sausage links, not standard brown lentils that would be helpful a time! The trick also didn ’ t get enough soup this morning and was delighted to the... Give credit where credit ’ s meal for cold winter evenings orange juice s gotten so cold Breville pressure.... House because that ’ s perfect, nourishing comfort food make you feel like eating! It works great with lentils large sausage links instead of all like eating... Legume, aren ’ t wait to try it homemade Italian sausage my daily.. Greatly appreciate as i always have a quart in the recipe to be frozen before adding it last a! In relationship to the bites with sausage and ingredients to make it winter and just made this last night with... I mention in the crockpot for 6ish hours an d a nice zip thoroughly enjoyed this soup morning!, salt and pepper new cookbook other people really liked it there be... And two sausages was the perfect antidote for cold winter night wait to have for rehydrating beans would. I wouldn ’ t even like lentils posts by email beginning, middle or end taste lot... Change a thing deserves in the recipe various kinds in my instant pot can be convinced to spill the again... Mushy if i have a feeling the leftovers for lunch today and i ’ ve been reading since! The bay leaf think would be really nice dimension end like your recommended, it its. To bring your book her un-PC method of getting a toddler to eat healthy,. Yummy soup — it ’ s a lot them later in the slow cooker, add sausage cook. And loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.