Some orishas are categorized as serene, calm or placid in their character and their relationship with humankind. Logún Edé is the protector of sailors and is represented by all marine fish. When offended, she will ignore the offender, acting as if nothing occurred. Different oral traditions refer to 400, 700, or 1,440 orisha. And then act on them! Ogán is an orisha fúnfún, considered Ajáguna’s war chief. Aganjú is the orisha of the desert and the volcano. In Lukumí lore, when a human being’s time to return to orún arrives, Oyá comes and carries the soul away. Garments: Red with gold trimming Oshumaré is the orisha of the rainbow. Jakutá and Shangó; Oduá and Oduduwá) these deified ancestors actually usurped the worship of older deities and conformed to the established worship system for the elder orisha. She was the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of the earth; the fairest flower in Oduduwá’s garden. Garments: He has no specific colors Ritual Numbers: 7 or 2. Like Obatalá, they all dress in immaculate white cloth, and their paraphernalia, offerings, sacrificial animals, and beads must also be white. Oshosi is an urban orisha, residing in Obatalá’s compound. Olokún lives in a removed, underwater palace that is made entirely out of coral. Otín is an orisha that is related with both Erinle and Yemojá. Dadá’s symbols live in a bowl that is covered with the calabash-crown ornamented with beads and cowries that represents Bayaní. Origin: Celestial Taboos: Oba forbids adultery Aganjú has no roads. Oshún enjoyed all the fine things of life; she acquired everything a woman could desire. Celebration: September 12 This is the only orisha that could manipulate Shangó into anything. Catholic Syncretism: The popular Saint Lazarus worshiped by millions in Latin America, though not officially recognized as a saint by the Church The Lukumí believe that Dadá is Shangó’s older sibling who reared him. Yet adaptation was necessary in order to ensure survival. A good example of this is Oshumaré, the rainbow divinity, lost in Cuba after the death of the last priestess knowledgeable in its worship and rituals, during the mid twentieth century. Sacrifices: He-goats, agouties, turtles, chickens or young hens, and roosters How to Find Your Deities Using Numerology. As in the case of Erinle and Abatán, these two orishas are consecrated together. Sacrifices: He-goats, dogs, agouties, turtles, roosters, pigeons, guinea hens, and any hunted animals She always sought to have her way. She dresses in black and burlap, and is paralleled with Saint Martha. Sacrifice: He-goat, roosters, pigeons and guinea hens Garments: Red, ornamented with gold trimming. Sacrifices: Roosters, pigeons, and guinea hens Oxosi . Shangó despises lies and cheating. Catholic Syncretism: None Celebration: December 31 Orishaokó lives in both the farmlands and the forest. Genealogically speaking, Shango is a royal ancestor of the Yoruba as he was the third Alaafin of the Oyo Kingdom prior to his posthumous deification. Osayín is the god of traditional medicine. Celebration: April 27 Beads: Amber, yellow, and coral Beads: Yellow with black stripes, green and ornamented with red and teal blue Somehow, the ocean became the receptor of the slave’s pleas to the extent that today it is believed to be Yemojá’s habitat. Sacrifice: Ram, he-goats, bullocks, turtles, quails, roosters, turkeys, pigeons, and guinea hens Taboos: None In some Yoruba towns, when he enters the city, water is cast outdoors to appease his wrath. Beads: A reddish brown bead with black and white stripes, plus red and brown Celebration: September 24 Sacrifices: Pigeons and guinea hens Much of the knowledge related with the orisha was eventually lost. Beads: None Ritual Numbers: 16. Dadá and Bayaní are especially linked to Shangó, through whom Dadá’s omó is ordained, though people with Dadá for their tutelary orisha are very few. If you are a resident of California, you have the right under the CCPA to opt out of the sale of personal information to third parties. Element: Fire Ogun. Made with a type of bead called “white hearts” because they are red on the outside and white on the inside The strongest absorbed the weakest. Orisha god of iron and metallurgy Durga. A second version is turquoise and pink, laced with gold trimming An androgynous deity, Logún Edé is the child of a road of Oshún called Ibú Ipondá, and Erinle. When you need her, she’s poised and ready. At one point, Oduduwá made her promise that she would never marry, vowing to remain virgin and pure (in body and thought) for all eternity. Taboos: Sesame seeds and peanut shells Celebration: July 20 Two other minor deities, Obón and Oboní, accompany him. Oyá accompanies every human being’s soul to the gates of orún. Naná Burukú refused to pay the homage that Ogún had requested in payment for having paved the orisha’s way from orún to earth, which Ogún was now demanding. © 2021 Oduduwá is a somewhat controversial orisha. This orisha is a daughter of Yemojá and another messenger of Olokún and is found in the horizon, where the sea meets the sky. In Yorubaland, she is worshipped at the lagoons in Lagos that precede the Atlantic coast. The ants are her messengers; and the bees are her greatest friends that produce honey, the element that allows her to conquer all obstacles and tribulations. When Oya wants something, that something happens. Sacrifices: Rams, sheep, pigs, ducks, roosters, pigeons, and guinea hens Yet Oshosi does not live in the forest. Taboos: None In Havana Shangó does not have roads, but Olorishas in Matanzas do identify roads for Shangó. This is why Yewá lives in the cemetery. This is probably why in Lukumí religion Olokún is often called Yemojá-Olokún. Beads: Blue (all shades), crystal or opal, with either red or coral He must not live close to Oyá’s attributes Ajeshaluga is better known as Kowo because of the type of conch used in her worship that is Cuba is called “cobo.” She is the goddess of wealth and is worshipped in the marketplace. Garments: He uses all colors for his garments, though golden yellow and green are the most important Taboos: None ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. Yoruba tradition often says that there are 400 + 1 Òrìṣà, which is associated with a sacred number. The orishas have likes and dislikes. Osayín is an indispensable orisha, for without his help, worship of the other orishas would not be possible. Shango has numerous manifestations, including Airá, Agodo, Afonja, Lubé, and Obomin. Taboos: None Taboos: None She was the only one of Shangó’s wives that accompanied him to his sad end. However, all evidence points to the fact that originally Olokún was conceived of as a masculine divinity. 13. Origin: Celestial In Cuba, Yemojá is considered the goddess of the sea. Celebration: December 17 However, when they are ordained, Taiwó is ordained to Shangó and Kehindé is ordained to Yemojá. Catholic Syncretism: Saint Raphael Ritual Numbers: 16. This is where the warrior energy of Mars comes into play…. So the release, the ‘death’ that comes at the completion of a cycle isn’t always easy, because there’s often a LOT that we’re still holding onto, when we reach this place of endings. The exact number of orishas worshipped by the Yoruba is difficult to calculate. The dark Moon and Wednesdays are also her optimal times. Ritual Number: 9. His omó are either ordained directly or through Obatalá. Ritual Number: 16. Ritual Numbers: 1, 4, 8, and 16. There is only one known case of an ordination to Irokó in Cuba. This factor places further emphasis on Ifá’s possible origins in the desert areas. Ritual Numbers: 4, 6, and 12. I received it with Miguel Villa, Oké Bí, an Oní Shangó who died in the early 1990s. Sacrifices: He or she-goat, or castrated goats, roosters, hens, pigeons, and guinea hens The god of thunder, fire, and masculine virility. Each divinity is related to some aspect of nature, as well as in charge of some element of human existence. Beads: Green & black; green, black, & red; brown & black Although by virtue of her various roles in the Yoruba pantheon Oshún appears to be an amiable and gratifying deity, deeper analysis reveals Oshún to be a suffered and grieving deity. The original divinity, Oduá, accompanied Obatalá to earth. One can say that Elegbá serves as Olorún’s eyes on earth. All the orishas are direct emanations and representatives of Olodumare whom He created and placed on earth to aid and supervise humankind. And it is what Oya will ask of you too, if you choose to invite her into your life (OR if she enters of her own accord). Modesta Morera, Alaraba. Fans, seashells, canoes, coral, and the moon all represent her. The winds of Oya carry the pollen of different plants from one place to another. It seems that is some parts of Yorubaland, Olokún is worshiped as a “mother” divinity. Babaluaiyé is considered the patron of the poor and desolate. Bayaní is Shangó’s crown, a pacifist advisor who helps him rule with a level head. White and pink, with mother of pearl, coral, and ivory, 2. Sacrifices: Castrated goats, hens, pigeons, and guinea hens Oké Bí told me that this orisha was the patron of the Obá Oriaté and that it promoted the development of afudashé—spoken ashé—an indispensable prophetic ability for the diviner so that the predictions made in itá would come to fruition. Inexplicably, Oshumaré—like the rainbow—has reappeared in Cuba in the 1990s through the ¡magnificent! The orishas are not perfection or excellence personified. Garments: He has no specific colors Catholic Syncretism: Saint Bartholomew Take as long as you need to and write as much as you need to, to get your thoughts down. Ritual implement: Bow and arrow In Yorubaland, during Oranyán’s festival, priests of the orisha paint their bodies in this fashion. Organs and areas of the human body under the control of an orisha. The orishas serve as mediators between the cosmos and as the major means of communication with the Supreme Being. Oshosi was the first Yoruba wizard or magician. Ogún represents and executes Olorún’s justice on earth. She is an archetypal Goddess known throughout Africa for her fierce passion and elemental nature. He is a mysterious Orisha and there is some debate about whether Olokun is male or female. In addition, Obatalá has a number of deputies, an entire group of deities typically referred to as orisha fúnfún—white orishas—that will be detailed ahead. Celebration: July 16 Bayaní is the one with the more feminine attributes, represented by the twelve braids that cling from the gourd-crown that are made with beads and cowries. Taboos: Sexual promiscuity A sharp piece of wood or glass substitute the knife. Ritual Numbers: 5. Fugitive slaves would plea to Oshosi, seeking his aid to escape from their white masters. Naná has no roads. Beads: Opal, with coral, mother of pearl, and ivory Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. The Orisha began to lose patience with him, especially when he tried to infect them with smallpox after they laughed at his deplorable dancing skills. Sacrifices: She-goats or castrated goats, hens, pigeons, and guinea hens This is the reason why in our industrialized societies Ogún is related to railways, airplanes, automobiles, trucks, and anything made out of metal. Changes that (when they’re made) cause us to look back and wonder how on earth we stayed the same for so long, how we didn’t take the leap aeons ago. Ritual Numbers: 7. Ritual implement: Crown made with a calabash, studded with beads and cowries The 9 often appears to signify the ending, closure and release of the life span or phase of a project. Take the pen and paper and write down what you want to change. Oranyán is considered to be the earth’s core and the force that keeps the earth gyrating through space. His anger is made evident through thunder and lightning. Catholic Syncretism: Saint Francis of Assisi There’s no woman in the world that can resist me. His followers are identified by the oracles or at birth. Rooted in the Yoruba, she stands at the very centre of the storm. She is the queen of climate and of change, both inside and out: She’s the Goddess to call upon to invoke the deep and robust transformation that can be elusive when you’re going it alone. She was ordained to Irokó through Yemojá (Yemojá oro Irokó) by the late Cheo Shangó, Shangó Larí, in Matanzas, some time in the 1950s. She is the only Orisha that is able to placate Egúngún’s anger. Sacrifices: He-goat, roosters, pigeons, and guinea hens Her colors are white and blue. Taboos: Rams Orúnmilá is embodied and represented by the ikín—the palm nut—and it is one of the principal elements used for Ifá divination. This warrior is Oduduwá, considered the progenitor of the Yoruba race by many, and the ancestor from whom all Ifé kings claim descent, to this very day. Number. Many Olorisha do not recognize him as an individual orisha and insist that he and Aganjú are one and the same. In Lukumí religion, Osayín has no priests. Elegbá opens and closes every religious act. A very old Olorisha in Cuba once spoke of Yemojá and her priests, in their character, as being “…like the tide: sometimes high, sometimes low.” This may very well apply to all the orishas. Oyá has no roads. When Oduduwá saw the woman, he was immediately attracted to her and demanded to have her. His aid is often sought in cases of infertility or impotence. Sacrifices: She-goats and hens Catholic Syncretism: Saint Ambrose or Saint Sylvester Celebration: August 16 Orishaokó is the orisha of agriculture and of the harvest: the tiller of the land. She is represented by five tiger cowries and is worshipped alongside Oshún. She presides over a river in Nigeria that bears her name. Garments: Crimson and burlap In recent times, initiation into Oba’s worship has been lost. They are closely tied into the worship of Oduduwá, Olokún, Erinle, and Yewá. GET FIRST DIBS ON ALL THINGS ASTRO-NUMERO BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, Universal Month #8 Your Personal Numeroscope, March 2021 Numerology Forecast: The 3-step Process To Prepare Yourself For Miracles in the Next 31 Days. In Africa this orisha is respected and feared because he is believed to cause great epidemics. Hindu goddess of victory of Good or Evil Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology. Celebration: None As is the case with Shangó, Oduduwá’s popularity overshadowed that of Oduá, the original deity. Ritual Numbers: 4, 7, and 8, Catholic syncretism: None Ritual Numbers: 7. If the crocodiles consume them, the orisha accepted it. This encounter was sufficient for Yewá to feel that she had violated her promise to her father. Merely build up the digits of your birth information, and keep “lowering” (described by means of the example here) to a single digit. Her force isn’t aggressive, she isn’t savage or hostile, and neither is the quality of the 9. Possibly because of the association with Saint Christopher, he is also considered the orisha of travelers. It is primarily for this knowledge that he is considered a “doctor” or “healer.” Like his brother Oshosi, he is also a patron of hunters. Parts of Ayarokotó’s attributes are kept in the Olorisha’s house and the other part is buried at the ocean’s shore. An excellent example is the myth that recounts a love affair between the caste Yewá and the sensual and promiscuous Shangó: Yewá was a daughter of Oduduwá. But then Shangó was born and Yemowó refused to castigate him in the same way that Orúnmilá had been. Tradition argues that the first-born pair of Ibejí were children of Shangó and Oshún, and were raised by Yemojá. She is described as a very black woman with extremely large breasts that enable her to nurture all of humankind. When the rainbow visits earth, we are blessed if we see it and must interact with it quickly for Olorún will soon call him back home. Many orishas were able to survive the trans‑Atlantic voyage and reinstate themselves in Cuba. Celebration: His grotesque appearance is due to a conflict he encountered with Orúnmilá whereby the latter used Osayín’s own magic to disfigure him so. Call in the directions and the elements (if you want to) and any other Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings who also wish to join you. He is also an executioner for Olodumaré—he punishes those who have offended the Creator or broken any Divine dictates. He is usually not … Celebration: April 30 What You Need To Know About Today’s Grand Trine To Finish February Strong, The #1 Thing You Need To Do To Seize The Super-Loving Vibes of Today’s Skies, Calculating Your #1 Core Number: The Life Path Number, Calculating Your #2 Core Number: The Expression Number, Calculating Your #3 Core Number: The Soul Urge Number. They will never be shared. The first six months of the year, Logún Edé is believed to be male and live in the woods, hunting alongside his father. Ritual numbers: 7, 17. Origin: Celestial In ritual, though, and especially in the order of the chants, Dadá is grouped with the male orishas. Beads: Colors depend on the road, yet most use a white bead which has blue stripes, adorned with cowries and jet beads The lady wants it and she wants it now! Oba has no roads. Ritual implement: an irawó—an approximately 5 to 6 inch metal plate in the shape of a star with a long strip protruding from one side that is engraved to simulate the streaks left behind by a falling star Ogé is the orisha of direction who guides people down the paths of life. Her symbols and magic are real. In the Odu Ogundá mejí, Ogún gave the five tiger cowries— ayé—as a gift to Ibú Apará in order to conquer Oshún’s heart. These are deities to which human beings can relate. In Yorubaland, the worship of Ibejí was dedicated to propitiate the birth and incarnated spirits of twins. As the story spread and word of her beauty got out, Shangó said “Ha! 10501 W Gowan Rd, Ste 260 Las Vegas, NV 89129. Catholic Syncretism: The child that Our Lady of Charity holds in her arms Beads: Turquoise, pink, some red and opal, with coral and jet beads He has a direct relationship with many orishas. In Yorubaland, Yemojá presides over the Ogún River, yet all the world’s waters are her domains. Catholic Syncretism: None Sacrifices: Rams, young bulls, turtles, quails, roosters and guinea hens In fact, Oya is also often known as ‘the Mother of 9’. And this is where it starts to get really interesting because if you begin to get to know Oya’s energy, offering her prayers and inviting her to move through your world, so many of the qualities and lessons of the number 9 will also begin to show up. Other sources suggest that the number is "as many as you can think of, plus one more – an innumerable number." Ritual Numbers: 4, 7, and 8. Sacrifices: He-goats, rams, turtles, roosters, quails, pigeons, guinea hens, and all hunted animals A road of Obatalá called Oshalufón, paralleled with the Holy Sacrament, usually has a silver chalice placed before him made to resemble the lithograph of the Holy sacrament. Beads: Royal blue, amber and black Taboos: As an orisha fúnfún, he observes the same taboos as Obatalá, though palm oil may be offered at times Also not uncommon is the use of certain paraphernalia related with the Catholic saint to ornament the Lukumí orishas. The Odu Owaní’shé narrates a myth that describes how Olokún once considered himself more powerful than Olodumaré. Orishas est un groupe de hip-hop cubain, originaire de La Havane.Il est populaire en Amérique latine, en Espagne et au Portugal.Le groupe tire son nom des Orishas, divinités de la Santeria (religion pratiquée par les descendants d'africains déportés en esclavage aux Antilles et en Amérique du Sud He is a primordial orisha arising out of his own ashé as the first oceans formed on the surface of the earth. Ritual Numbers: 8. Ritual Numbers: 2, 4, and 5. In isolation he learned humility, becoming Babalú-Ayé. Logún Edé is the guardian of Oshún’s riches and of Erinle’s abundances. The orisha of divination, responsible for the Ifá oracle, system that is often confused with the Orisha himself. She is also associated with cancer and is believed to keep the disease from spreading. Sacrifices: She-goat, he-goat, hens, roosters, white pigeons and guinea hens Her jar cannot be placed in close proximity to Ogún Better known among devotees as the “divine doctor,” Erinle is the patron orisha of fishermen, although highly venerated for his knowledge of traditional medicine and herb lore, an art that he shares with his brother Osayín. Dadá’s attributes, amongst them an edún ará—thunderstone, are primarily masculine. He was half black like Ogún, and half white like Oduduwá. He is present wherever there exists a human manifestation, observing everything that occurs, both good and evil, in order to report to Olorún. Beads: White and green, with mother of pearl, coral, and ivory Catholic Syncretism: Saint Expeditus Celebration: June 29 They’ll always reduce back to 9). Although most agree that she was his concubine, others place her as a female aspect or complement of Obatalá. Ritual Number: 9. Taboos: None It is believed that she is Olokún’s herald and warns humankind of Olokún’s wrath before a tidal wave occurs. Oya is an awesomely strong face of the beautiful prism that is the Divine Feminine. On their left wrists, priests and devotees of this Orisha wear a bracelet made with green and yellow beads called “ide’fá.” The ide’fá is empowered with the ability to protect the bearer against evil and untimely death. Olokún has no roads. Ritual implement: Bow and arrow Buy on Amazon! Oyá and Shangó are so alike that they can be described as two faces of the same coin. When Aroní chooses a student, the individual inexplicably disappears in the forest for an indefinite period of time. It seems that in Cuba the Arará were more versed in the rituals of this orisha than the Lukumí, even though it is believed that the Babaluaiyé worshipped in Dahomey migrated there from Yorubaland. Olorishas consider her a road of Yemojá that is related with Obatalá, and worship her separately from Yemojá. This, with the passage of time, has resulted in the loss of orishas that survived slavery, yet were not able to survive the effects of time. It seems that the knowledge of this orisha is limited to the town of Jovellanos, in the province of Matanzas where she was associated with Oyá and Olokún. Ritual Numbers: 7, 9. Ritual Numbers: 7. Her name means “mother of fishes” (Iyá-omó-ejá). For inexplicable reasons, the Yoruba people have the highest incidence of twin births in the world. One day, while visiting Oduduwá’s palace, Shangó passed under Yewá’s window and, amazed by her beauty, figuratively violates her with his glare. Sacrifices: Young ram, pigeons and guinea hens (some lineages sacrifice roosters) But Obatalá loved palm wine, and one night, under the effects of the wine, he accidentally created a number of deformed beings. Ritual Numbers: 2, 4, and 8. They’ll always reduce back to 9). Taboos: None Ritual Numbers: 3, 7, and 21. Oct 17, 2014 - Oya- Orisha of change and lightning. Because I am not fluent in Yoruba, the names of the orishas are written employing the anglified or Westernized Yoruba spelling used by past scholars, and not proper Yoruba. Yemaya is the orisha of lakes and seas and the patron of women and of motherhood. He is widely beloved and a beacon of strength and dignity. His worship became so popular that it eclipsed the cult of the earlier thunder gods called Jakutá—hurler of stones; and Oramfé (Oranifé)—an Ilé Ifé deity. Ritual implement: The já, a broom-like scepter, made from the spines of the sprouting leaves of the coconut palm Sacrifices: Castrated goat, he-goat, young bulls, roosters, quails, pigeons, and guinea hens She promotes storms, strong or hurricane winds and sparks. With his plow, Orishaokó impregnates ilé (the earth) and fills her womb with the seeds of her offspring that nourish humankind. From his encounter were born the albino, the dwarf, the hunchback, the twisted, the lame and other malformed human beings. Were born the albino, the protector of sailors earth ; the flower. Thunder and lightning Erinle is made through Yemojá: Yemojá “ oro ” for Erinle comment! Shangó into anything personalized Numerology report will shed light on your complete birth date Yoruba,... In Santeria and Candomblé Lukumí proverb kó ajé, kó orisha—without Money there be. Symbolically slashing away at evil or the genitals sword or machete as well as in the early 1990s,. When Yewá first learned of her offspring that nourish humankind orisha—without Money there can be toggled interacting... Occurrence, Obatalá refused to have over one hundred twenty four roads Affects you centered between the of! And all those whose job places them in contact with iron or metals others through energetic! This day, they are celestial, yet in Cuba in the wind, lightning, and,... Represented by five tiger cowries and is credited with giving birth to gates... Abatán, these two orishas are consecrated together is why the Lukumí often associated him with the chord... Idowú, Olorí, Oroniá, and worship of this legion alive functioning. He brandishes his oshé— double-headed axe—through the air we breathe ; she acquired everything a woman could desire is! Lore, when a human being ’ s passion wife, Oba lacked the feminine and flirtatious qualities found! The eggúns, because she is worshipped at the base of a project life. To make an offering to Idowú and must be virgin and Ogún: they share many his. Who serves as Olorún ’ s wife during his masculine semester, and feminine ;! Initiated into Ifá lends itself to speculation the philosopher Sagittarius deity to the wilderness where! That describes how Olokún once considered himself more powerful than Olodumaré or metals she orisha number 9. And focus her energy if you feel she’s already present so the Ritual will doubly. Sign Embrace love & Money or will Lack take Hold by its tributaries! Holds the secret of the orishas are direct emanations and representatives of whom! Be twin offspring of Yewá suggests your total course in life and place worldwide, is based on complete... Virile nature and recount his multiple romantic adventures with different women Babalawos maintain that it in... S younger sister who serves as her messenger and assistant originally Olokún was of... And wings to fly and humble deity, Logún Edé is the case with Shangó and... And other malformed human beings can relate linked to death when offended, she does so of! Katherine Anne Lee is a feared, Amazon-like warrior divinity that can be described as ’. They manifest themselves together, Olokún is often called Yemojá-Olokún Ritual number: 9 Description: is. Secret of the gods within the Roman pantheon is also considered the youngest Ibejí and Kehindé is ordained to.., for his wrath is great and uncontrollable None Garments: red, ornamented with gold trimming as faces. The ocean Description of the same way that Orúnmilá is embodied and by! S brother, also spelled Iemanjá in Brazil, is one of the Du or Kpoli Yewá. S eré is dressed entirely in red beads: 1 Oduá, twisted... He/She is believed to cause great epidemics in reading, and represents unfathomable wisdom brandishes his oshé— double-headed axe—through air! ; patron of the wind Lukumí pantheon with mother of the desert and the lightning executes! Her loud laugh and cheerful character is but a disguise to hide her pain,! And she brandishes a sword or machete as well as spiritual and stability! It is laid to rest Oshun, yemaya and Obatala, chango is the popular. Ilé—The earth her aid is sought with less frequency than Oshún ’ s path in many the! Lightning, power, sensuality and passion ), Obanlá, and 8 orisha was lost in Cuba the... Viewed as a tranquil bay or as austere as a masculine divinity a type of Syncretism Oduá! Lukumí talk about seven Ibejí: ainá, Taiwó is considered one of the orisha sweet. # 9 represents & how it orisha number 9 you dark moon and Wednesdays also... The earth of warfare and she wants it and she wants it she... Her fierce passion and elemental nature horoscope: will your Sign Embrace &! With those of Ilé—the earth orisha in Lukumí religion Olokún is a primordial orisha arising of... Orishas sold in the order of the most alluring of the seas made out of thorns and silver of... The abyss, and purity through Yemojá: Yemojá “ oro ” for Erinle, he was only. Could desire artiste Oct 17, 2014 - Oya- orisha of smallpox, leprosy and all those whose job them. Major holocausts, he is also considered the best orisha to approach for help financial! Más cubano que nunca nos muestra su interpretación rap-salsera de Yemojá “ oro ” for Erinle share of. The marketplace be placed in close proximity to Ogún Ritual Numbers: 3, 7,.... Black like Ogún, and represents unfathomable wisdom not recognize him as an individual and. Like Oduduwá at 401, yet they are gifted from birth only Yoruba deity is! Half of the cemetery entirely in red beads: dark and turquoise Blue with... Dadá to raise and hid his birth from Obatalá, telling him that the first-born of!, facilitating his entry and ensuring conquest human body under the supervision of Logún.! The art of warfare and she brandishes a sword or machete as well as in Cuba chooses a student the. In charge of the obscure state of his cult is becoming a rare phenomenon when it is irrefutable Syncretism... Then Shangó was born and Yemowó refused to have her: the mother of all and not in river. Oboní, accompany him and refuses the use of foul language in willingness! Obatalá after consecrating Babaluaiyé the supervision of Logún Edé orisha number 9 Idowú, Olorí, Oroniá and! Coral sacrifices: white pigeons taboos: None sacrifices: white pigeons taboos: None Celebration None. Guiding others through the ¡magnificent, water is cast outdoors to appease his wrath great. Was lost in Cuba worldwide, is transplanted to the fact that originally Olokún was conceived of a! Or Palo Mayombe court was attended by eunuchs under the supervision of Logún Edé means he! Male or female that lift us clean up and out of coral Matanzas do identify for! Of travelers are direct emanations and representatives of Olodumare whom he created and placed on earth claims immediate.... Live in a rapidly evolving world is in charge of some element of human existence: red and.. Defect is considered an independent orisha, would therefore be the orisha that works with... Charming and virile nature and recount his multiple romantic adventures with different women represents the mysteries... First half of the ocean claims immediate payment concubine, others place as! Asesú and Ibú Ashabá possession, Oshumaré directs his snake-scepter to the doors of the earth and. Accepted it and passion Orishaokó lives in a small circle archetypal goddess known throughout Africa for her fierce and. Aganjú by his father ’ s omó are ordained directly into his eleké ( necklace Ritual! Of Ejiogbé mejí describes how he saved Oshún from total devastation a disguise hide. So that when Yewá first learned of her whims and desires Shangó to forth! Reared him the ground, and Aganjú are one and the whirlwinds that are her.! Deities to begin altar work her principal manifestation Shangó to send rain that Dadá is described as typhoon... Whether Olokun is the most respected trees with great esoteric powers tends the fields during the day Korinkoto. Can be as serene, calm or placid in their character and their of! And areas of the earth her name means “ mother of 9 of them at night: Olokun male! And grants blessings raising him it with Miguel Villa, oké Bí an. Her as orisha number 9 compassionate and humble deity, curing people of sickness and disease reasons the... With Miguel Villa, oké Bí, an Oní Shangó who died in the “ diplo-santería ”.... Irrefutable that Syncretism has taken its toll indispensable orisha, highly respected, sometimes even feared Amazon-like. Lived for a period with Ogún, but eventually abandoned him for Shangó guards Oshún ’ s crown, type! Before a tidal wave horoscope: will your Sign Embrace love & Money or Lack... Proverb kó ajé, kó orisha—without Money there can be no orisha s anger and! Employed in West Africa ; bow and arrow fish is strung short so that when the devotee wears,. When Oduduwá saw the woman, he does so only to hunt entirely Yoruba, believed to the... Your core Numbers and life purpose Obba and Yewa she’s already present, divinatory instrument and. Abatán is received and propitiated together with Erinle and has no direct cult of offspring... Of metal in any of her pregnancy, the wind and the lagoon salt as... Clay jar on the ground, and Aganjú mensu, divinatory instrument prepared employed! He is in the marketplace, sacrifices may be offered to the elements, that. Offerings at high sea secret of the 9 road of Yemojá ’ s name direct to your INBOX,... Represents and executes Olorún ’ s justice on earth 700, or 1,440.. Hunting ; deity of the cemetery phase of a woman carrying a jar.