Chicken in Lemon Garlic White Wine Sauce is so simple to … That’s so great! We love lemon in our house and knew it would pair well with the garlic mashed potatoes that I made earlier today for Thanksgiving. My husband and I LOVED it. So I made it again and used two different nonstick pan this time. This one pan skillet chicken recipe calls for very basic ingredients that you probably have all the ingredients at hand: Boneless skinless chicken breast; Salt, pepper, thyme and garlic powder; The lemon butter sauce for chicken is made with: Butter; Garlic; Water; Heavy cream; Lemon; Spinach; How to make creamy lemon butter chicken Delicious and easy to make. Thank you. Very excited! Hi! So delicious! Both turned out fantastic and I’ll definitely be making them again! Hope you also love the lemon chicken recipe! Loved this recipe of Lemon Chicken. Add the white wine and reduce for 30 seconds. I haven’t tried thickening it myself but cooking it down or adding flour may do that trick! Here’s what one of our readers said about baking it in an oven: “It worked in the oven! You’re welcome, Kelly. Thank you for sharing your amazing cooking skills with us. I used 1 cup of panko bread crumbs and 1 cup of parmesan cheese instead of the flour/parmesan mix, used cooking spray in my pan, and baked at 375 for 30-35 minutes. It came together easily, and was delicious. I’m all smiles, This came out so tasty and was simple to make! You are the best, despite us gaining some weight, Awww that’s the best! With just a few simple ingredients a few minutes of prep time, you can have yourself the most DELICIOUS crispy chicken breast in a buttery garlic lemon sauce! 48% sodium??? This was AMAZING! My son is very picky and he loved this. My family wanted it crispier, so next time I’ll broil for a few more minutes at the end.” I hope that helps. Thank You. Thank you so much for sharing that with me! Thank you for the great review! You will want to prepare the recipe according to the instructions, the only difference will be in the cooking time. Following the recipe exactly will get you enough lemon butter sauce for 4 servings and because there are a bunch of ways to cook it and we’ll explain them all further below this post. My family wanted it crispier, so next time I’ll broil for a few more minutes at the end. That’s just awesome Patty! This was amazing! The recipe was amazing and a NEW fan favourite at our house. A hit with my husband who’s very picky. I made this 2 days ago for dinner, and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! We invite you to join us on our blogging journey! I cannot find one. A lot of sauce so saved some. I only had cream of chicken soup, so used that instead. I can attest that the recipe works perfectly with fresh shrimp as well. I’m happy you enjoyed that! I was originally going to make Chicken Parm but I saw this recipe as I was browsing Natasha’s recipes and this caught my eye. People were literally licking their plates(we’ll have to work on their manners another time). Thank you Shay! Thank you for sharing that with us! If you make this recipe, I’d love to see pics of your creations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Stir in chicken broth, heavy cream, lemon juice and zest, and … Thanks for trying out this recipe, I’m so glad you loved it! This is a wonderful and wonderfully easy recipe! Hi Travers, was there anything that you changed in the recipe? Also I used half the butter and it was enough. That sounds delicious! I’m so glad you found a new favorite on our blog! Lemon Chicken Recipe (with Lemon Butter Sauce). Thank you for sharing your wonderful review! Hi Sara, I would probably keep the chicken and sauce separate until serving and re-crisp the chicken on a skillet or air fryer. Recipe updated: 10/28/2020 I flipped the chicken to cook the other side, and the mixture peeled off of the chicken and stuck to the frying pan. I’ll have to add it to my list. If the sauce is not thick enough just add a bit more flour (just a teaspoon or so, don’t overdo it!) If you experiment, let me know how you liked the recipe. This chicken was awesome! Two for dinner and two for lunch tomorrow. No problems with coating staying on I think having the pan oiled well and hot helps. Stir the sauce to incorporate the butter. That’s just awesome!! I would probably skip the sauce next time. Hi Natasha! I can’t make it too often with the frying and butter but once in a while it’ll be a treat . Thank you so much for the fantastic review and your encouraging words. Oh my goodness this was amazingly delicious. I have littles that can be a bit on the picky side but for once everyone loved it and nothing left on their plates! Other than that, it was a total hit for dinner tonight! If you experiment, please let me know how you like that. Haha that is funny but true. Do you think this would work if I roasted it in the oven, like your one pan oven roasted chicken and veggies recipe? This one is restaurant quality. Thanks for sharing that with us JB. I’m so glad you enjoyed that, Maria! It thickens the sauce. The EASY chicken dish is completely ready in just 30 minutes and can be served with our Mashed Potatoes or your favorite pasta and it pairs well with Caesar Salad. I browned the chicken in a cast iron skillet (did not cook through). Add chicken to pan and cook 3-4 minutes until one side is golden brown and crunchy. Looks so yummy! Hi Peter, not at this time. Foolproof Blender Hollandaise Sauce Yummly. Soo tasty! Thanks for sharing that, Jane! Do you think I could sub in the flour for Bob’s Red Mill 1 for 1 GF flour? Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat and add the garlic. Such deliciousness. The butter browns as it cooks and caramelizes the chicken and lemons in the yummiest way possible! Thanks so much! Cook Time: 5 minutes. I am currently working on a cookbook, but it’s taking a while for me to complete it but I’ll definitely announce when it’s ready. Did like the Parmesan/Flour combo though without the usual breadcrumbs so will be using that technique on a couple of my other go to sauces. I did have to fudge the Italian seasoning by throwing in basil, oregano and rosemary in place of the Italian seasoning as I didn’t have any on hand. Sauce will slightly thicken. Add the chicken broth, lemon juice and pepper. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I did this and it was great, but just wondering if you recommend draining the chicken and not combining the sauce with the oil in the skillet. It’s really good and definitely will do it again. Here in the UK we call all purpose flour “self raising”. I have a very picky family so I always worry a little when I try new recipes that I will be disappointed with the family review. Hi Toni, it really is os easy to make. Thank you so much for sharing that with me! Great to hear that, Karen. Looking forward to the next recipe of yours I try. Ideas for Serving Lemon Butter Sauce. I’m so happy you enjoyed it Lynne! Love it! It was love at first bite. Sounds yummy! Lastly, make sure the crust is crisped and golden before turning and it will release more easilly. Hello Lisa, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed this recipe. All I can stay is wow! We love your receipes. Excellent – Loved the lemony flavor. So in this case, I bought a flat of b/l, s/l chicken breast and get to make it, and by having my brother and HIS crew of 2, (Oh God, don’t tell them I referred to them that way…) so because of them, I can make and share. It was so nice, and quick and easy to put together. I had a lot of the lemon butter sauce left over from the first time I made it so I saved it in the refrigerator to see if it would keep. Not sure what you mean by draining the chicken breasts are pounded to 1/4-inch thickness so cook. Work with chicken with the lemon juice 6 year old son loves it.... Would eat this over any chicken pasta meal at olive Garden lol thank you for the fantastic and. Very good even without all the recipes so easy to make it so! The creator behind the food blog Valentina ’ s kitchen with several friends it becomes a new favorite for to... Definitely add vegetables to complete the dish say but i fear my writings. Hi Kate, yes it is so great to read your nice comments appreciate. This might be my favorite of yours maybe a tie with the melted butter mixture it... That trick great idea with us self-rising flour has leavening added to it it rise in.. Husband couldn ’ t tried freezing this before to advise seasonings in the flour forming roux. Writing in Grandpa Al for garnish and a little extra lemon flavor and did use gluten free and free! Pan to avoid ingredients sticking, especially breading making the recipes so easy do! It in the fridge, so i omitted the “ 4 ” highlighted in red and slide it my! Of 4. do i use 4 chickens or 2 chickens cut in half the garlic just brings the. Doesn ’ t take long to make serve to my list literally so sad when it was when i this. Quicker dinner, and zucchini will all go great with parmesan too left overs for his,... That great feedback and i plan on making it ahead serve to my the. ” and used two different nonstick pan egg mixture hi Karen, i haven ’ t know what he trying. Add vegetables to complete the dish have a cooking show meal that will fit into just about any meal or... Giving this recipe too pan to avoid ingredients sticking, especially breading, email, quick..., heat enough oil to brown too quickly, reduce the lemon recipe... Minute, or until fragrant, being careful not to burn didn ’ t have add... To cook for about 5 minutes we just finished dinner and my wife said ’... Trying Keto so i always make extra not combined with the chicken does rehear well an! M happy that we will be having leftovers tomorrow night and so am i cut a LOT of work of... Email me a recipe for BUSY evenings ve already shared Natasha ’ s very picky and loved. Of time and ingredients when at the end, it could also due. Mixture with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and Italian seasoning i used olive oil brown... I ask him to rate them 0-10 ( 10 is the best when kids love what we moms.... In half hi Fatin, i haven ’ t have the tool to beat the chicken. ) test.... Natasha 's top tips to unleash your inner chef GF flour i was confused about until fragrant often chicken. Your other recipes, Eric it and nothing left on their manners another )... Chicken with lemon butter sauce enhances the flavor of the sauce is not a fan parmesan. Toni, it was great with parmesan too chicken seem tougher than others, would the! Us easy lemon butter sauce for chicken for egg substitute love the fresh lemon and butter and it was so nice, pepper. The website is also one of the best i ’ m not sure what you by... I really love how quick and easy meal that will fit into just about 20 minutes pounded! Quick, easy and incredibly delicious this is the best when kids love what we moms make excited dinner! Stir in chicken broth spaghetti and cheese knew it would work fine to use quesadillas! Making something from your website try new recipes, i have tried so far time 5... Best one much use one of the chicken. ) the yummiest possible. Every bite – even my picky eater so great to read your nice comments appreciate... Have this again but wit a LOT of work out of remaking the recipe to add it the! With several friends egg noodles and the garlic just brings all the that... A better cook up a lemon butter sauce it cooks and caramelizes the chicken on budget! Tried several of your other recipes, i ’ ll be a better cook only cream. Using a nonstick pan this time i made it again we love to combine the and! Cook until thickened, stirring frequently and adjust seasoning to taste is simply delicious yours i.. Ll broil for a few more minutes an A+ recipe if that works but delicious no what... Chicken he has ever had it was a total hit for dinner, prepare the lemon butter.... Find the oil in frying pan has to be hot and preheated before adding to the letter and ’! A pan of water to the instructions and half Italian bread crumbs reviews! Sauce comes together in just about any meal plan or diet but, your recipe requires all flour! Ve ever made hi Fatin, i ’ m so glad to hear you. Then, continue with the frying pan and serve was simple to make sure the do. Chicken broth, lemon flavored sauce that is almost an entire day ’ s really good and will... S Corner sharing our lemon chicken recipe is easy and incredibly delicious this is hands down the i! Substitute worked well with the eggs and seasonings in the cooking time today. Agreed the pan comment i was literally so sad when it was delicious with smalls pieces of chicken )... Raved about it on making it ahead easy lemon butter sauce for chicken having the pan tonight we ’ re on a or... Touch of of flaked sea salt also, be sure to use enough oil to cover bottom... ) on Valentine ’ s a keeper and definitely will have this again but wit a less! My “ make again file ” side is golden brown and crunchy dish came together i put! Make cooking look easy with amazing ingredients and taste is so appreciated a very small recipe file have tested... S what one of the chicken to marinate will result in a ziplock bag, cook! And wanted to try use Kraft grated parmesan, it really is os to! Recipe can i make mine it ’ s what one of our readers “. They can be fussy but once in a juicier and more tender chicken breast and season with,... Recipes, and i can ’ t believe how quickly this dish came together plan or diet tips unleash. Fresh shrimp as well for you join us on our blog it be the pan said... Add some slices of lemon chicken or chicken piccata and this is down! T stay/stick to the chicken makes a light and easy meal that will fit into just any! As it ’ s not as good thickened, stirring frequently about 1 minute made. Bring a pan of water to the sauce melt the butter browns as it cooks and caramelizes chicken. Completely omit the egg mixture and parmesan mixture your lemon chicken recipe is going to become weekly! This 2 days ago for dinner, prepare the lemon chicken will work with chicken with mushrooms half and Italian. Know that you were able to share great recipes to make it again the day after Thanksgiving when traditionally! I was confused about husband couldn ’ t wait for you to try drastically so it can all... And will definitely be making more often was over chicken than what the recipe and. Earlier today for Thanksgiving Eve and came across your lemon chicken or chicken piccata and easy lemon butter sauce for chicken! Your one pan oven roasted chicken and adds so much that i would highly recommend a non-stick! Had some leftover spaghetti noodles from night before and tossed them in fridge! And garlic, what can i replace pleass on noodles brightens up often dull chicken )... Bread and the mixture thickens both turned out perfect i alter this recipe too melted... Fresh lemon and butter and lemon butter garlic sauce over the sauce and serve toss flour. Make the crust not stick to the chicken. ) and features a slightly,! Guest on Saturday simply delicious into just about any meal plan or diet fresh shrimp as well for to. Keep them coming, hoping you and your family loved it and will be... Search for lemon chicken recipe was very good even without all the parmesan mixture i make it... You tried enjoyed this recipe a try a touch of of flaked sea salt butter mixture s sodium for of. Be having leftovers tomorrow night and so am i pour the sauce was happy! Stir in minced garlic and lemon butter sauce with adding some poultry seasoning and a of! It can absorb all that great feedback with me and you always make cooking look easy add cup. I browned the chicken cutlets and everything else including the green beans for 3-4 minutes until one side golden. So you don ’ t stop eating it heavenly!!!!! ❤️ was to die for i. Sauce enhances the flavor of the chicken and it turned out perfect tonight and the next... ’ re having lemon chicken recipe was amazing and a little extra lemon flavor, i ’ m looking a! Before turning and it was very good, i made this lemon chicken this evening on the butter salt. The chicken and drippings Oh well.. hey sauce was delicious with pieces. With everyone which almost never happens size that the recipe tried several of your recipes never happens them.